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At Cristo Rey Newark High School, academics forms the cornerstone of successful careers and lives. Our college preparatory curriculum transforms students into lifelong learners who think critically, communicate effectively and achieve confidently. During their four years here, students embrace the expectation that they will complete college and get a great job.

Whether you’re an Honors/AP student or need remedial help, you’ll find the support you need to succeed from Cristo Rey Newark High School’s dedicated faculty and staff. In addition to caring teachers, you’ll also benefit from targeted services including a supervised homework center, SAT prep classes and service learning opportunities that apply your growing awareness of faith-based issues to real-world problems in the community.

"The Corporate Work Study Program has provided me with the exposure to various aspects of the medical field with jobs at Holy Name Medical Center, Sanofi and Liberty Science Center. I plan to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon."

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Vince Polidor, Class of 2018

"The rigorous curriculum here at Cristo Rey Newark has helped me to become more than college-ready."

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—Jennifer Rodriguez, Class of 2018

"Cristo Rey Newark definitely prepares you for life in the real world - helping to build character and challenging us academically. This school teaches us respect for ourselves and respect for others."

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—Eldulfo Nyeor, Class of 2020

"The Cristo Rey work study program has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and helped to build my communication and social skills."

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—Uchechi Desouza, Class of 2018

"Cristo Rey Newark has exposed me to all sorts of programs that help to build my resume and career portfolio before I even leave for college."

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—Christopher Maycock Smith, Class of 2018


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