Tuition & Financial Assistance

Managing Tuition

Cristo Rey Newark High School offers a payment plan consisting of 10 monthly installments. The average monthly payment ranges from $150 – $270.

With scholarship assistance, 85% of our families pay less than the full $270 per month.

An Affordable Education

In keeping with our mission to serve families with limited economic resources, tuition at Cristo Rey Newark High School is substantially below the actual cost of educating each student:

2019-2020 School Year
Total Cost of Education$12,835
Reduction through participation in Corporate Work Study Program($7,500)
Tuition assistance granted to each Cristo Rey Newark student($2,635)
Annual Registration Fee**$150
Annual Student Activity Fee$125
Annual Family Share of Tuition & Fees$2,975

** Registration fee is due at time of enrollment.


Apply for a Scholarship

Earnings from internships and tuition assistance provided by Cristo Rey Newark High School to each student significantly reduce tuition costs. However, some families may need additional help in paying remaining costs. A limited number of uniform scholarships are available through Cristo Rey Newark High School for students needing assistance with purchasing their school uniforms.

In addition, we recommend that prospective Cristo Rey Newark High School students apply for two scholarships during the fall of their 8th grade year:

The Scholarship Fund for Inner City Children is administered by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark. It provides grants to children attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese in Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Union counties. Awards are made on the basis of need, without regard to religion, race or ethnicity. Students who qualify for the federal National School Lunch Program are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Student/Partner Alliance, a nonsectarian, nonprofit organization, seeks to help inner-city students with economic hardship and a strong determination to succeed. Cristo Rey Newark High School is one of 11 private schools privileged to participate in this four-year, need-based scholarship program. The application process runs from early November until February 1 of the applicant’s 8th grade year. Applications can be obtained through the Admissions Office at Cristo Rey Newark High School.

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